The Ibiza Cruise Experience

Come and relax on our beautiful vintage style yacht.

During your experience with us you can enjoy magical views of the island as we are always changing location to view the best parts of the island. From incredible sunsets and sunrises, crystal clear water, coastal view points and impressive island formations.

We have very comfortable rooms from our luxury suit, double room and single room.

Everyday is a new adventure with us as we can cater for the experience you are thirsty for. We offer all types of activities that you can choose to do so if you please, or just simply enjoy the views of the island with delicious cuisine and great company from the cabin crew.

If you choose to have an adventure with us, our main goal is for your comfit and that you enjoy every moment. The boat is all-inclusive and we also do airport pick ups and drop offs.

We strive to help you create amazing memories during your time with us!

We will float over the beautiful Posidonia, a native marine plant which helps to create the crystal clear water and sustain the unique marine environment of the Mediterranean.

Our chef Carmela Pannuti holds certificates in gastronomy with over 5 years of experience in fine dining, with expertise in wine pairings, special diets and nutrition, vegan/vegetarian cooking and food allergies.