Kitesurf around Ibiza & Formentera

Why we are unique

In the summer it is forbidden to kite off the beaches in Ibiza & Formentera, BUT thanks to David’s unique local kitesurfing knowledge and the yacht’s dedicated kitesurfing RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat), we are able to anchor the yacht in calm turquoise waters and then take the RIB a few hundred meters to enjoy uncrowded kitesurfing in amazing wind and scenery.

In the Balearics the summer winds are thermal winds that appear through all the directions of the compass, these are not shown in the weather forecasts like Windguru, and having the yacht allows us to follow the wind whilst maintaning a luxurious and calm anchorage.

For those who aren’t kiting the amazing thing is that the yacht is always anchored in a flat beautiful bay where you can relax enjoying drinks, lunch or sunbathing on the yacht as well as swimming, snorkelling, paddle boarding or kayaking in the incredible clear water beside the yacht, or picnicing in a nearby cove.

This makes it easy for any kiter to come with their partner as there are ideal

conditions for everyone. Whether you kite or not sure you will both enjoy the hospitality on board, your unique traditional yacht with its incredible food, service, luxury accommodation and stunning views of Ibiza and Formentera.

Our pro kitesurf instructor David Alvelino is born in Ibiza, he has been windsurfing since his teens, then learned kiting himself in Ibiza in 1999 and started teaching kitesurf in 2002. He had a school in Jericocoira, Brazil in 2003-2005, but now he only teaches here in Ibiza and Formentera. David has taught 1,000’s of people to kite and love kitesurfing and he is passionate about helping anyone who wants to learn or who wants to progress further on the water.

Kitesurf Cruise packages (PER PERSON) :


* All your kitesurf equipment.

* Kite instructor and our specialist local knowledge.

* Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

* Water.

* Wifi.

* Air-conditioning.

* Service of cleanliness.

*Transfer to the airport and from the boat.

*Fully insured.


  • Snorkelling.
  • Stand up paddlesurf (SUP).
  • Kayak.


* Flights.
* Alcoholic beverages (available on board for additional price).

Other activities not included in the price:

* Flyboard ………………………………. 80 euro for 20 min.
* Jetski 1 hour (for 2 people) ……. 180 euro.
* Diving ………………………………….. 100 euro double immersion.

*Electric Hydrofoil……………………. 400 euro.

Ibiza kite Cruise packages Low season(May & October) Mid season(June & September) High season(July & August)
Standard cabin 2170 / 7 nights 2380 / 7 nights 2660 / 7 nights
Master cabin 2380 / 7 nights 2590 / 7 nights 2870 / 7 nights

If you want to book. please CONTACT us.

The predominant wind directions are:

Responsible anchoring

“At Ibiza Cruise Experience we adhere to the concept of Responsible Anchoring, we guarantee that all our moorings are placed carefully to preserve the protected Posidonia (seagrass) on the sea bed.”

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