“Why Not 1”

Choose your Cabin


There are 5 luxurious cabins to choose from, all with the suite bathrooms.
1 VIP stateroom (Espalmador), 1 master suite (Es Vedra), 1 double room (Espartell), 1 twin room (Bledas) and 1 single room (Tagomago).

The yacht will also carry 3 crew on board to ensure you receive a relaxed luxury yacht experience.

Timeless styling, beautiful furnishings and sumptuous seating feature throughout to create an elegant and comfortable atmosphere.

VIP Master Cabin

Espalmador The most luxurious cabin on the yacht. It is located at the back of the boat, has four large windows that will make your stay a dream [...]

Master Cabin

Es Vedra Es Vedra is located in the middle front of the yacht, this cabin also stands out for its large space in all cabins as well as a king [...]

Double Cabin

Espartell This cabin is not as spacious as the previous ones but has it’s charm to be very cozy and attractive. Located on the port side of the ship, it has a double bed, ensuite bathroom with [...]

Twin Cabin

Bledas Bledas has the same dimensions as the double room Espartell, the difference is that it has 2 separate beds. Located on the starboard center, this cabin is designed for two people who want [...]

Single cabin

Tagomago This is our single room, designed for single travelers who want a different vacation with all the 5 star luxury.